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Ihave recorded the yummiest, most pleasurable feminine embodiment practice for youuuu

***that you can do STRAIGHT FROM BEDDDDD 

It’s a recorded self-pleasure meditation for the woman who needs to come back to herself and spends most mornings with stress, rushing around, immediately caring for others.

We do that so often without even realizing our magic is slipping away because we have forgotten to care for ourselves.

So this is the recorded permission slip that reminds you just how powerful your own pleasure and touch truly are because these self-love superpowers are what create your reality and allow potential abundance into your vessel’s nervous system.

So whether you’re a mom with kids who needs to feel hot for a minute

Or if you’re a single female needing to remember how worthy you actually are

Or if you’re with a partner and the desire for them has slipped away.

This is the perfect way to get back.

The perfect practice for sacral chakra rebalancing.

For life to taste sweet again.

This recording is available for purchase and yes for your LIFETIME (pleasurable) access! 

The embodiment of the whole spectrum of self includes self intimacy, self-love, self-care.

I truly feel so grateful to share this practice that has helped me during some of my toughest moments as a woman.

Intimacy and love are medicine.
Sensuality is medicine.
Self-care is medicine.

Enjoy my sisters I love you so much!


There are no refunds for this product*

Slow & Sacred Feminine Embodiment Morning Meditation

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