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A transformative 3 Month 1:1 Coaching Container


For multidimensional, magnetic, powerful & intuitive women!


Who are ready to step into their fullest, most vibrant embodiment.


And feel empowered in their bodies.

Free in their minds. 

And led by their souls. 


This container is for those who seek to reconnect to an inner source of creativity, inspiration, and peacefulness while living in devotional alignment to the truth of their hearts. 

This container is for the woman who has a vision, a purpose, an intention, and wants to step into the energy of making it happen.  

We hold the space for 3 months. 

To go deep together- and ask the right questions about our lives.


To return to what gives true, intrinsic value. 

To get crystal clear about what it is we truly want. 


To reprogram the mind and rewire habits that inhibit our potential. 

To practice living with self-love so great life will never look the same. 


To reestablish boundaries and standards around our energy & empowerment. 

To enjoy the journey and ride it together. 

For some women, this is a health journey that speaks to body -love, food-relating, healing from physiological imbalances, gut issues, and hormone imbalances.

For others, this journey is about accessing the power of the mind: releasing limiting beliefs, rewriting internal dialogue, freeing a trapped inner voice, creating the script of the best possible outcome, and embodying the thoughts that serve our highest potential.

For most, this is a soul journey. All about listening to a calling from within that needs space to speak. Whether that means taking more care of yourself, leaving a job or relationship, making changes that have been building inside of you for far too long, or living your purpose in ways you haven't before. 

We are always growing, changing, discovering, losing, and finding ourselves again. 

This container celebrates that process of inner aliveness while also focusing you on what's truly important, to you, as you go. 

So that you can truly enjoy the journey and find yourself at any given moment in alignment with your values, desires & visions. 

This is the path of reclaiming ownership & sovereignty over your choices.

Moving from victim-mode to magnet-mode of that which you desire. 

It is a meaningful road to walk and I am humbled to be right there with you!

Investment: 2000$

-1 X 30 minute Clarity Session to understand background, context, and goals. 
-Preliminary self-discovery questionnaire (includes holistic health analysis, envisioning & coaching tools)
-12 X 60-minute weekly sessions in the Embodied Coaching Program (All sessions take place 1:1 with Emily through Zoom) 
-Call & Text support Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm. 
-The Embodiment E-Book (a downloadable resource that includes journal prompts, embodiment practices, body-mind-soul affirmations, free yoga classes & mediations, health checklists & more on The Embodied Method).
-Yoga with Emily Prerecorded Package Materials  
-10% discount on all other online offerings lauched in the same year.
-Option to continue with Emily 1:1 (by availability)

Please only apply if you feel:
1. Called to work with Emily directly in an intimate 1:1 setting
2. Ready to commit to and begin this journey in full love, empowerment & devotion. (That means showing up for yourself fully & doing your best.)
3. If you are ready to invest your time, efforts, and resources accordingly. The program price is a reflection of the choice you are making to commit to yourself on a whole new level. It symbolizes the energetic shift needed to step into the YOU who shows up for herself in a way she hasn't before.  It is an important signature of readiness, courage, and bravery--qualities needed for our journey together.

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