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Your Full Embodiment Awaits!

I'm Emily Shain.

Women's Embodiment Coach, Yoga Teacher & Wellness Creator trained in the healing arts & sciences of yoga, holistic health, neurolinguistic programming & feminine embodiment.

I hope you enjoy this virtual space of offerings including: 

1:1 Online Coaching Programs

Live & Online Group Courses

Worldwide Wellness Retreats

Live & Prerecorded Yoga Classes 


And so much more!


You will also find written, recorded & creative resources to support your journey whether in health, wellbeing, spirituality, creativity, embodiment & empowerment. 


Meet Emily

Women’s Embodiment Coach, Holistic Yoga Therapist, Space Holder, and Published Writer, Emily is a voice for natural health, authentic expression, creative living, and liberated thinking.


Living a life of devoted yogic study and spiritual self-inquiry since 2014, Emily has had the privilege of teaching, traveling, and sharing her gifts all over the world.


From Panama to India, Bali, Israel, Portugal, and Sri Lanka, Emily has led retreats, workshops, group and individual experiences for those seeking presence, joy, creativity, health, and fulfillment in their lives.

Emily believes in the integration of ancient Eastern wisdom and modern Western practices. Her teaching, coaching method, and leadership work hold a balanced perspective from the many different modalities that have shaped her life. 


Daily yoga & meditation practice, holistic nutrition, mindset work, women’s health, & sacred feminine embodiment are some of the biggest influences felt in her life’s work.


Emily is a life-long learner. Her educational background is rooted in yoga, the healing arts & holistic health:

200Hr. Yoga Alliance Certification Ashtanga-Vinyasa (Israel) 

300Hr. Yoga Alliance Certification Elemental Yoga Therapy (Bali) 

Training Chakra Therapy (India) 

Advanced Training Asana, Meditation, Pranayama & Kriya Immersion (India) 

100Hr. Yoga Alliance Certification Yin Yoga, Meridian, Macrobiotic Therapy (Portugal) 

 Hr. Yoga Alliance Certification Women’s Yoga & Leadership

Certification Aromatherapy & Bach Flower Therapy (Israel)

Yoga Alliance LAAIC Energy Body Training (Israel) 

Certification Holistic Nutrition & Naturopathic Counseling (Israel) 

Certification NLP Practioner (Israel) 

Why I Teach

“Emily is great at anticipating the natural resistance your body will have to a yoga pose. She helps you understand how to exercise the correct pose through a clear explanation rooted in your body, mind, and energy.” 

Arielle Sandor

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​© 2020 Emily Shain

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