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Embodiment Sessions


In these sessions, I draw from the tools I've acquired over the last decade to help you step up into a state of embodiment that you may be holding back from in your work, personal relationships, life purpose, physical or emotional health, etc.


These sessions empower you to meet anything coming up for you in your life right now, allowing you to integrate this time of inner transformation.


Sessions can go between 50 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on what comes up.

Some of the methods we draw on include:

-Embodied Movement


-Holistic Health Analysis

-Inner Child Work

-Exploring the Shadow

-Tapping into unconscious programming/limiting beliefs

-Throat chakra voice clearing to free the internal & external dialogue

-Personalized nutritional planning


-Menstrual Cycle Rebalancing

-Feminine Embodiment practices (Masculine and Feminine energetics)

-Abundance Mindset Training

-Personalized yoga sequencing and ritual creation

-Liberating the Inner Wild (rewilding)


What makes these sessions unique is that there is no set structure or expectation. We work with the present moment, with what comes through you NOW. This is how we learn respond through loving consciousness and care towards whatever is truly taking place.


Sessions are 135$ (450 ₪) for a one on one single session or for those ready to commit to a longer term process, there is a package offering of 3 sessions for 360$ (1200 ₪) or 10 sessions for 1050$ (3500 ₪) Sessions are available through zoom or in person and please bring a journal, pen and yoga mat with you. 


Full Disclosure* I only do one or two embodiment sessions a day because of the amount of presence it requires to hold true authentic space. Therefore, I don't take on several clients at a time. To apply to book a session please send me an email detailing what you seek to work through and we will continue from there :). 


Thank you for your openness and trust.


With Love,


Weekly Schedule
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