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Emily Shain

Wellness Entrepreneur, Women's  Coach, Yoga Teacher,  &  Writer.


A voice for natural health, authentic expression, creative living & female leadership.


Emily has taught, traveled, and shared her gifts all over the world from Panama to Bali to Israel, Portugal, and Sri Lanka.


Life's winding journey has led Emily to be a mentor to wonderful and dedicated practitioners, clients, and followers of a shared, reflective path.


Emily shares ancient wisdom as well as her own unique perspective in her one-on-one sessions, group workshops, wellness courses, retreats, & Embody by Em

podcast, helping others enter into true health & wholeness with their soul's unique essence. 

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Why I Teach

“Emily is wonderful, very experienced and knows how to hold space for a group in a very natural way. Her open and welcoming personality helps people reach places above and beyond their expectations.” 

Oren Tchiprout

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